Miss Nepal North America

Miss Nepal North America is an annual international beauty pageant run by Dreams universal LLC, USA. It is one of the largest pageants in North America in terms of Media coverage in many countries worldwide.

Miss Nepal North America is a beauty pageant for girls living in the USA and of Nepali origin. It was founded in 2017. The contest’s mission is to honor and recognize talented, cultural, and intelligent young women of Nepali descent in the USA and provide them with a platform to demonstrate their unique talents and passions through a competition that reflects the art, poise, and grace of beauty pageants. Sailes Shrestha, a Nepali-American, founded the contest the show.

Our primary mission is to promote Nepali art, culture, fashion, and encourage youth in the glamour field’s international arena. With the motto of ‘Promoting Youths, Promoting Nepal,’ the event also serves as a platform for all the participants to achieve their personal, professional, and philanthropic goals. Miss Nepal North America’s history began in 2017 in the City of New York, where Monica Ghale was crowned as the first Miss Nepal North America and second season. The winner will be appointed a goodwill ambassador in the Nepal tourism board.

The vision of Miss Nepal North America

  • To empowerment for Nepali American women
  • To have young Nepali American girls be recognized and admired for upholding the highest standards of womanhood
  • To uphold the cultural obligations of Nepali descendants
  • To promote Nepali women’s cultural awareness among the non-Nepali community
  • To serve as an activist for female empowerment and appreciation
  • To pave the way for gender equality for Nepali women etc.

The contest of Miss Nepal North America is virtual in nature. Contestants have to submit their profiles online, and a panel of judges will select the winner. The winners are given a reception at a formal event. Contestants should be of Nepali origin, lives in the USA, single (never married), and up to 28 years old.

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